Logistics Management

Does your business ship items through the mail or private delivery companies? Or perhaps your business owns its own fleet of trucks and shipping vehicles? Regardless, you might find that your company could benefit from Go Safe logistics management solution that helps you take control of your Shipping / Transportation Cost.

Not only the GPS tracking but you can manage your fleet by using various tools, like Vehicle Information system, Alerts, various MIS

Your business might also benefit from logistics management solution and equipment that can plot drop off points for your trucks. By using one truck that makes several stops during its route, your company might save a significant amount of money by reducing the number of man hours on the road and the amount of fuel consumed shipping your items.

School Bus Management Solution

School Bus Management Systems is mainly used for Schools & Parents to ensure the safety and security of children by getting the real time information of their child’s school vehicle. Go Safe School Bus Management Solution is a powerful transportation management tool that provides information that is essential to the daily operation of a school transportation department.
Features of School Bus Management Solution:
  • Track the location of buses and audit pickup and drop-off times.
  • Monitoring bus status: engine on/off, over speeding, harsh breaking, AC on/off, millage statics, fuel monitoring,etc
  • Enhance safety by monitoring speed, creating geo-fences and redirecting buses away from accidents.
  • Generate various MIS Reports

Tours & Travels Fleet Management Solution

Go Safe’s Tours & Travels & Taxi Operations Management Solution is one of the most advanced and comprehensive solutions available for Tours & Travel companies. Covering all aspects of the operations, starting from booking to trip closure, the module helps companies, effortlessly carry out the complex process.

Taxi allocation system, SMS alerts & Mileage analysis are only a few of the features of this impressive solution. The use of such a solution greatly reduces the efforts required to carry out operations and bring in complete transparency in the process. Vehicle theft control is the major part of this solution that helps to protect the vehicle from vehicle theft.

BPO Employees Transportation Management

Safe and punctual employee transportation is critical to a BPO's success. A command & control system of operation can be best implemented/facilitated using Go Safe BPO solution. The decision to keep the pick-up vehicle waiting or to proceed without picking up an employee who is late, or re-routing a vehicle to pick up a replacement employee, when thousands of employees are being picked up within a 2 hour window, requires to be taken on the fly to avoid delays across the chain. Special safety measures have been incorporated in the solution to take care of security of the employees.